What will the rally “For Fair Elections” be like?

Russian communists call for “clean elections” at rally

What will the rally'For Fair Elections' be like?

What will the rally be &# 171; For fair elections&# 187;?

Opposition members discuss what to expect from next protest on March 10

What will the rally'For Fair Elections' be like?

On March 10, the rally “For Fair Elections” will begin at 13.00 and will be held on Novy Arbat (from Arbat Gate to Novinsky Boulevard). This is reported by the official website of the Left Front movement, whose leader Sergei Udaltsov was one of the organizers of the action..

“The Moscow City Hall accepted the notification from the organizing committee and did not raise any objections. On the agenda are facts of violations in the past elections and tactics of further actions. Come everybody! “- call on the site.

The organizers of the rally expect to gather 50 thousand people under their banners (in any case, this is the figure that appears in their application) and offer to sign up for the rally on VKontakte and on Facebook.

Sergei Udaltsov is pleased with the compromise reached with the Moscow authorities (before that, the opposition wanted to hold a march along Kutuzovsky Prospekt).

“We consider the option acceptable,” he said in an interview with the Russian service of the Voice of America..

According to him, the stage for the performances is supposed to be located near the house number 11 on Novy Arbat, and the protesters will fill the pedestrian space on the odd side of the street in the direction of the Garden Ring.

In turn, the city authorities stressed that the organizers had been warned about the inadmissibility of repeating the events on Pushkinskaya Square on March 5.

“We explained to the organizers that the events on Pushkinskaya Square on March 5 should not be repeated,” Interfax quotes Deputy Mayor of Moscow Alexander Gorbenko.

As you know, on March 5 after the end of the official part of the rally “For Fair Elections”, which gathered, according to various sources, from 15 to 30 thousand participants, Sergei Udaltsov said that he would not leave Pushkinskaya Square “until Vladimir Putin left. ” Several thousand people joined him. The demonstrators were brutally dispersed by riot police. About 250 people were arrested that evening in Moscow.

What will be the rally on March 10? Roman Dobrokhotov, a member of the federal political council of the Solidarity movement, leader of the We are youth movement, expressed the hope that he would be more massive and organizationally successful than the rally on Pushkinskaya Square.

“It was still a weekday then. And besides, the rally was very limited in territory: dump trucks and other equipment stood around. People had to crowd somewhere far away from the speakers. I hope this time everything will go much more successfully, and in connection with the weekend, many more people will come, ”he said in a conversation with the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

Dobrokhotov noted that previously the authorities had never given away Novy Arbat for rallies..

“This is a fairly symbolic place from a democratic point of view. Not far away is the monument to the freedom fighters who died in 1991. Again, they promise to block traffic if a lot of people come. Last time Tverskaya was not blocked, “he stated..

According to his observations, there were many provocateurs at the rally on March 5, but they failed to do anything..

“It seems to me that when more than ten thousand come out onto the square, it is impossible to provoke them. Such a crowd can only be crushed by tanks, ”the opposition leader concluded..

As far as he knows, after the rally “it is not planned to arrange an ‘orange’ revolution”.

“Therefore, we will not see any particularly tough clashes with the police and no dispersal. Although no one removes the velvet revolution from the agenda. Perhaps appeals to her will arise closer to the inauguration of the president, but definitely not tomorrow, “summed up Dobrokhotov..

The March 10 rally intends to support the League of Voters. On the eve of the action, one of the founders of the organization, journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, told the Voice of America correspondent about this..

“This meeting should be made special – thematic, – added Parkhomenko. – It should be dedicated to observers, I hope we will discuss on it that wave of violations in the [President of the Russian Federation] elections, which are still being reported. Observers must become heroes of the event. By the very fact of their presence [at the polling stations], they ensured substantially greater order at the elections, saved thousands of our votes. They must not be forgotten. “.

Writer Boris Akunin, another co-founder of the League of Voters, believes that nothing special will happen on March 10.

“I think this will be a small rally,” he said in an interview with Voice of America. – Because the style of big demonstrations, it seems to me, is over. The euphoric period has passed. Rather, it will be a working meeting with observers. There were 4,000 polling stations in Moscow, and observers played a very important role in them. They will continue to play it further, participating in civil movements “.

According to Boris Akunin, those who are interested in being there will gather on March 10. He expressed the hope that this time not fiery and publicistic speeches would be made from the stage, but figures and facts would sound. In the words of the writer, the rally will become “the next stage in the maturation of the opposition movement”.

From the editorial office: According to the ITAR-TASS agency with reference to the Moscow police department, about 2,500 military and police officers will follow the protest action.

What will the rally'For Fair Elections' be like?
What will the rally'For Fair Elections' be like?

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