US increases aid to Ukraine to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 in Ukraine: Outlook for Pandemic’s Impact on Ukraine’s Economy, Politics and Society

US increases aid to Ukraine to fight COVID-19

The United States has increased aid to Ukraine to combat&# 160; COVID-19&# 160;

The total aid for Ukraine was almost 17.3&# 160; million&# 160; dollars, part will be directed to the programs of the International Organization for Migration&# 160;&# 160;

KYIV – The United States has increased funding for projects to combat the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine to nearly $ 17.3 million. It was reported on May 14 by the US Embassy in Ukraine on its Facebook page..

“The United States continues to support Ukraine in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Earlier this month, the US announced an increase in COVID-19 related funding for Ukraine from $ 15.5 million to nearly $ 17.3 million. This new portion of funding, worth almost $ 1.8 million, is aimed at supporting the activities of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in eastern Ukraine, helping internally displaced persons and other categories of the population affected by the conflict, ”the message says..

Funding for IOM projects will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing humanitarian aid, supporting isolation locations and treatment centers, health and hygiene programs, according to Facebook on the page of the US Embassy in Ukraine..

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Recall that by May 14, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine, the United States provided humanitarian aid, equipment and technical support in the amount of $ 14.5 million..

“Ukraine, the United States and the entire world are fighting an unprecedented battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, and the United States is at the forefront of providing support to countries around the world to overcome this deadly threat,” said the US Charge d ‘Affaires in Ukraine Christina queen May 14 in a video message.

She noted that the United States is working closely with Ukraine to provide the necessary resources to solve the problems associated with COVID-19..

Susan Kutor, Acting Director of the USAID Mission to Ukraine, in this video message on May 14, stressed that $ 2.4 million in food and basic necessities will be provided to the vulnerable population of Ukraine, including migrants and refugees. Help for these categories of the population will come through volunteer initiatives and regional administrations, said Susan Kutor..

Partner assistance amid “controversy” with WHO

Chairman of the Board of the East European Security Research Initiative Foundation Maxim Khilko Celebrates United States Partner Assistance To Combat Pandemic In Ukraine.

“The United States is demonstrating its dedication to partnerships by providing assistance and showing that this is not a one-time action – it gave money and that’s it. Over the past months, we have seen constant messages about aid, an increase in funds, despite the fact that funds are also needed inside the United States to fight the coronavirus, “Maxim Khilko says to the Voice of America correspondent..

He believes that the United States is providing “targeted assistance” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic to countries with weak economies amid “contradictions” in the World Health Organization’s assessments of the effectiveness of the fight against the virus..

“This is the moment when we can say that against the background of contradictions with the World Health Organization, the United States is demonstrating its readiness to make a global contribution to the fight against the pandemic, realizing that these funds will be used as intended, ”Emphasizes Maxim Khilko.

Solidarity in the fight against COVID-19

According to the political expert of the analytical center “House of Democracy” Anatoly Oktisyuk, US assistance in the fight can be called a soft power tool – a demonstration of the US global role in the fight against the pandemic.

“This is more an act of solidarity when we talk about the fight in different countries with the coronavirus. The main fight against the virus lies with national governments, national budgets of countries, and they are different, ”Anatoly Oktisyuk says to the correspondent of the Russian service“ Voice of America ”.

He believes that it is necessary to continue quarantine in the country, since today there is no understanding how much medicine has come close to overcoming the pandemic – there are no vaccinations or effective vaccines in the world..

“We see that the weakening of quarantine has affected the incidence schedule in Ukraine. But on the other hand, there will be no big changes before the local elections, the authorities are interested in holding them, in minimizing criticism from voters, ”says Anatoly Oktisyuk.

The economy needs to be launched

In an exclusive interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency, the acting head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova noted that the economy will have to be launched again, otherwise there will be catastrophic consequences “.

US increases aid to Ukraine to fight COVID-19

“[…] Yes, probably, the cinemas will not fully work, there will be no global tourism and, probably, the hotels will not be filled, but all the same, the economy cannot be turned off,” Ekaterina Rozhkova emphasized.

She said that the previous forecast for the fall of the Ukrainian economy was at the level of five percent. “Our forecast is in April, the next revision will be in July,” noted Ekaterina Rozhkova, Interfax-Ukraine reports on July 14.

The adaptive quarantine, which by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will operate until July 31, may be extended for an indefinite period. Oleg Ruban, head of the State Food and Consumer Service of Kiev, told about this to the Segodnya website.

In his opinion, the quarantine will be extended until the trend towards a high increase in the incidence rate decreases: “The figures that we see and analyze today are not encouraging. With such indicators, we will be in the adaptive quarantine for the next year and a half, “- reports Segodnya on July 14, the words of Oleg Ruban.

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