Trump’s cancellation of a meeting with Putin: causes and consequences

President Trump cancels meeting with Putin over Russian attack on Ukraine ships

Trump's cancellation of a meeting with Putin: causes and consequences

Trump’s cancellation of a meeting with Putin: causes and consequences

The decision of the President of the United States caused a mixed reaction in the expert community

MOSCOW – The US and Russia are actively discussing the sudden cancellation by President Donald Trump of a meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina. Commentators note that earlier both sides had pinned their hopes on this meeting, albeit for different reasons..

As a reminder, the US President explained his decision on Twitter as follows: “Based on the fact that the ships and sailors were not returned by Russia to Ukraine, I decided that it would be best for all interested parties to cancel my previously scheduled meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Argentina “.

True, in conclusion, Donald Trump expressed hope for a “meaningful summit” – as the situation is resolved.

Nevertheless, in response to such an unexpected turn of events, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova suggested that the underlying reason for Donald Trump’s decision was the domestic political situation in the United States..

“Is the provocation organized by Kiev in this area a real reason for cancellation? – she reasons. – Publicly, we heard just such an explanation, we took note of it. Is this a reality? It seems to me that you still need to look for answers in the domestic political situation in the United States “.

The day before, the US Senate unanimously adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s “provocative actions” against Ukraine in connection with the seizure of three Ukrainian ships by the Russian military in the Kerch Strait.

Ukraine accuses Russia of hijacking three ships and 24 sailors off the coast of the Crimea peninsula, which Moscow annexed in 2014, sparking international outrage. Moscow insists that ships illegally entered its territorial waters.

In turn, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko recalled at an emergency urgent meeting of the Security Council that Ukraine could not “violate the state border of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea,” if only because the international community did not recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Under international law, the “territorial waters” in question are the territory of Ukraine occupied by the Russian Federation. Russia is trying to mix reality with fiction in order to misinform and mislead the world community, the Ukrainian diplomat emphasized..

Director of the USA and Canada Institute, Professor Valery Garbuzov believes that Donald Trump canceled the meeting with Vladimir Putin primarily because of the conflict in the Kerch Strait. At the same time, in his opinion, the general atmosphere in relations between the United States and the Russian Federation does not favor the summit either..

According to the professor, in the current situation such meetings cannot lead to special results. “Even the summit in Helsinki, in fact, did not end with anything particularly remarkable,” he recalled in an interview with the Russian service of the Voice of America. – Such meetings on the “margins” of the G20 or elsewhere are good only for clarifying positions on certain issues, for sounding the soil.

Trump's cancellation of a meeting with Putin: causes and consequences

I think, if the meeting did take place, then most likely, the United States would face Russia with another batch of accusations about violations of the INF Treaty and so on. But the incident in the Kerch Strait put an end to the dialogue even before it began “.

Trump's cancellation of a meeting with Putin: causes and consequences

According to Valery Garbuzov, negotiations filled with accusations on the one hand and excuses on the other are meaningless, and for a deeper analysis of the reasons for the cancellation of the summit, additional information and official explanations are needed..

“Russia in the current situation seeks to use every opportunity to hold a summit meeting in the hope that something will change for the better,” he said. “But I don’t think Trump’s move came as a complete surprise (for the Kremlin), because such a possibility has been discussed previously.”.

In addition, according to the director of the Institute for the United States and Canada, the peculiarity of the policy of the Russian leadership is that it does not and is not going to make any compromises. Such a “reinforced concrete position” of both Russia and the United States blocks any possibility of expanding bilateral contacts and reaching any compromises, he summed up.

In turn, the head of the social and political movement “Union of Right Forces” Leonid gozman, on the contrary, I am sure that President Trump’s decision was an unexpected move for the Kremlin. Moreover, the day before the White House confirmed the meeting, the politician stated in a comment to the Russian service of the Voice of America.

“But Trump took it and canceled it, and, in my opinion, did it in a rather harsh manner,” he added. – True, you can make an amendment here, taking into account the personality of the president. He is known as an impulsive person. If such a statement had been made by Macron, for whom, in general, such behavior is unusual, it would have looked even more insulting. Nevertheless, this is an extremely offensive form of refusal at a time when Putin desperately needed this meeting. “.

As Leonid Gozman thinks, President Putin will remember this well for a long time: “I think that their personal relations will never be normal now, no matter how the political situation changes. Trump could first inform Putin of his decision through his channels, and then publicly announce it. In fact, it turned out to be a public click on the nose “.
At the same time, the politician admitted that he doubted whether Trump made the right decision. In his opinion, this is a difficult question..

“Yes, I believe that the Russian border guards committed an act of aggression in the Kerensky Strait, regardless of the accompanying circumstances,” he said. – In any case, the use of force was absolutely disproportionate. There was absolutely no reason to shoot at the ship’s wheelhouse, to ram it. Because these ships did not pose any threat to the security of the Russian Federation. However, I do not know if this meeting should have been canceled or not. There are different points of view on this matter “.

At the same time, Leonid Gozman believes that for Putin a compromise on resolving the situation in the Kerch Strait is impossible today, despite all the negative consequences for Moscow as a result of the conflict..

According to a recent poll by the Levada Center, almost two-thirds of Russians hold President Putin fully responsible for “the problems facing the country during his rule.”.

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