Tragedy of flight PS752: criminal cases in Ukraine and protests in Iran

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Tragedy of flight PS752: criminal cases in Ukraine and protests in Iran

Tragedy of flight PS752: criminal cases in Ukraine and protests in Iran

Protests continue in Iran, and SBU opens criminal proceedings in the case of the Boeing plane crash &# 171; Ukraine International Airlines&# 187;

Protests erupted in Tehran after Iran admitted that the plane of the Ukrainian airlines was shot down by mistake by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Initially, Iranian authorities claimed that the plane crashed due to a technical failure, but on Friday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani admitted that the cause of the plane crash was a missile fired by the Iranian armed forces as a result of “human error.”.

The protesters are outraged that the Iranian authorities did not immediately admit guilt for the downed plane. According to experts, this was done solely due to international pressure and statements by Western leaders that the involvement of the Iranian military is confirmed by intelligence data.

Meanwhile, three criminal cases have been opened in Ukraine and they are collecting evidence on the plane crash of a Boeing 737 aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines. This is stated on January 13 on the Facebook page of the Security Service of Ukraine.

“Criminal proceedings were initiated under Article 276, part 3 (violation of traffic safety rules or operation of railway, water or air transport), Article 115, part 2 (premeditated murder) and Article 194 (premeditated destruction or damage to property) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ”, – noted in the message.

Earlier, the SBU reported that they are considering two priority versions of the reasons that led to the plane crash of flight PS752 in Iran: the first is a missile hit, the second is a terrorist attack..

“Indeed, the version of the missile hit by the Tor anti-aircraft missile system is attracting the greatest attention of society today. However, it is enough to open the operating instructions for the air defense system, so that a number of questions arise that require additional answers. In particular, we are talking about the range of the missile, the nuances of controlling the complex, and the like. All issues are now being worked out, “- said on January 10 the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov during a meeting of a special working group, reports the website of the SBU.

In a video message from Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy to citizens, it is emphasized that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has officially recognized the fact of the shooting down of a Ukrainian plane..

“He made an official apology to all of Ukraine and the relatives of the victims and acknowledged the fact that Iran shot down a Ukrainian Boeing-737. Now I want and finally I can tell you in detail, step by step about all the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, starting from the tragic morning of January 8, “said Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his press service reported on January 11..

The President of Ukraine announced the details of the telephone conversation with the President of Iran, about the subsequent actions of the parties in the investigation of the plane crash. It is already known that 176 people died in it, among whom were eleven Ukrainians – two passengers and nine crew members, as well as citizens of Iran, Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany and Great Britain.

“We also agreed to start joint work on decoding two flight recorders -“ black boxes ”. We have agreed on full legal and technical cooperation, including the issue of obtaining compensation. We agreed that no one will get out, “Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed..

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that the tragedy, which killed all 176 people on board, was a “human error” caused by “US adventurism.” Most of those on board were Iranian and Canadian citizens – mostly of Iranian descent

Ukrainian politicians and experts are also discussing the possibility of the involvement of other countries in the downfall of flight PS752.

In Poroshenko’s party about flight PS752

As reported on January 13 by the Ukrainska Pravda website, the co-chair of the European Solidarity parliamentary faction, Iryna Gerashchenko, accused the team of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of improperly responding to the Ukraine International Airlines plane crash in Iran..

She also noted that Russia may be involved in the plane crash.

“The Russian Federation has been doing everything for five years to evade responsibility for the downed MH-17. And now the Ukrainian authorities are trying to help them in this, when they hand over Tsemakh, who was involved in the downing of the (Malaysian) Boeing, within the framework of the so-called exchanges. Or when they don’t even mention that the Russian Federation may also be involved in the terrible tragedy with our plane, “says Irina Gerashchenko.

“Ukrainska Pravda” reports the words of Irina Gerashchenko that Ukraine should “demand the holding of the UN Security Council with an appropriate directive and voice the question of the possible role of the Russian Federation in the supply of missiles to Iran, including those that are not equipped with recognition systems for civilian aircraft. “.

Tragedy and human factor

Ihor Tyshkevich, an expert on international and domestic policy programs at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, believes that there is a “human factor” in what happened.

“The tragedy could have been avoided – there is a human factor, even the United States announced the dangers of flights over Iran and Iraq, but other airlines both flew and do so. It was possible to cancel this flight, but so far most of the world’s airlines that operated flights to Iran continue to operate them. Ukraine could declare that we have no contacts with Iran, but these are only theory and admissions, which in this case have nothing to do with what happened, ”says Igor Tyshkevich to the correspondent of the Russian service “Voice of America”.

He notes that the Tor anti-aircraft missile system, from which the civilian Boeing was hit, is technically an old weapon, and most likely it was activated by Iranian specialists..

“It is difficult to assume that there were Russian advisers there who serve the old equipment. It looks like a banal slovenliness in this case. However, for Russia, this is a plus in that it is possible to draw parallels between the tragedies with Boeing flight MH-17 over Donbas and flight PS752 of UIA in Iran. But the decision on this tragedy was clearly taken on the Iranian side, “Igor Tyshkevich emphasizes..

The expert emphasizes that it is not worth talking about Iran’s dependence on the position of Russia. This country with the second economy in the Islamic world, he said, often demonstrates an independent policy in regions where there are Kremlin interests..

Planes keep flying

Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management, believes that the “Russian trace” in the history of the passenger Boeing is unlikely, or even excluded.

Tragedy of flight PS752: criminal cases in Ukraine and protests in Iran

“In this situation with the tragedy around the plane, all opponents of Tehran in the region win. But this does not mean that they are all involved in this. Moreover, Iran would gladly shift this blame onto someone else, we see how hard this truth is given to the Iranian leadership. I think that the Russian version, apart from Soviet Russian weapons, does not find any confirmation, “says Ruslan Bortnik to the correspondent of the Russian service “Voice of America”.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, according to Ruslan Bortnik, has successfully “maneuvered between the parties involved in this process”, but the national intelligence and aviation services could have done more to prevent the tragedy.

“This requires an order of magnitude better work of the special services and the state apparatus. I think that at that time there were sufficient grounds to prohibit Ukrainian companies from flying to Iran, at least for the period of active confrontation between the United States and Iran. Issue at least some appropriate warnings for work in Iran. But Ukraine’s fault is that this was not done – no, airlines from other countries, except the United States, have flown over Iran and are flying over Iran, “Ruslan Bortnik notes..

Tragedy of flight PS752: criminal cases in Ukraine and protests in Iran

Protests in Iran

Protests erupted in Tehran after Iran admitted that a Ukrainian Airlines plane was shot down by mistake by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps..

Demonstrations that began on Saturday continued on Sunday and Monday, with demonstrators calling for those responsible for the shootdown and resignation of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to be brought to justice..

“They lie that our enemy is America. Our enemy is right here, “a group of demonstrators chanted near a university in Tehran..

Iranian authorities used tear gas against the protesters, and there are reports that live ammunition may have been used against the demonstrators, but the police have denied this. Demonstrations demanding Khamenei’s resignation swept across European cities, from London to Berlin, and in Los Angeles, representatives of the Iranian diaspora expressed support for the protesters in Iran.

US President Donald Trump on Twitter warned the Iranian authorities against violence against the people. “I appeal to the leaders of Iran: do not kill your demonstrators! – wrote the president on Twitter. “You have already killed or imprisoned thousands of people, and the world is watching [you]. More importantly, the US is watching too. Bring back the Internet and let journalists move freely! Stop killing the great Iranian people! “Last year and early this year, the Iranian authorities have already faced anti-government rallies caused by rising prices for fuel and other goods..

Expert of the analytical company Stratfor Emily hawthorne (Emily Hawthorne) notes that the current protests in Iran, although quite numerous, are inferior to the scale of previous protests related to economic problems. The analyst also considers it unlikely that these protests could lead to a change of power in Iran..

“We see real grief and anger on the part of the protesters, which the Iranian government must take seriously. But at the same time, we don’t see demonstrations all over the country. The current protests are not as widespread geographically as those we saw in the economically motivated protests in 2018 and early this year, says Emily Hawthorne, who said protests could only pose a threat to the Iranian government if more broad population groups.

According to the analyst, Iran’s recognition of the shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner shows Tehran’s strategy both to maintain existing international support and to prevent possible future protest movements. As Emily Hawthorne notes, Iran is aware that the United States is closely monitoring Tehran’s protests and retaliation, and may avoid further tough action against the protesters in order to avoid potential new US sanctions..

“It became clear over the weekend that the White House and the US government are closely following the protests in Iran. They observe the use of a level of violence against the protesters. I think this affects how the Iranian government decides to act to suppress the protests, ”says a Stratfor expert..

“Iran and the US are caught in a really difficult cycle of tension with each other, when the parties react to each other’s actions, and this can push us into another escalation cycle,” adds the Statfor expert. – The US has made it clear that it is watching what Iran is doing in terms of violence against protesters. And we must very closely monitor what happens to these demonstrations – will they fade away or and at what point will they flare up again. “.

Emily Hawthorne also notes that one indicator of the rise in protests may be whether the Iranian authorities will continue to turn off the Internet: “If we see more reports of the Internet being closed during mass protests, it shows how much the government is concerned about them. out of control “.

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