Sanders wins the caucus in Nevada

CNN projects Bernie Sanders will win Nevada caucuses

Sanders wins the caucus in Nevada

Sanders wins the caucus in Nevada

Voting results say Vermont senator’s stance resonates with wider Democratic voters

Widespread support from different age, racial and ideological groups led Senator Bernie Sanders to an undeniable victory in the Democratic caucus in Nevada, cementing his leadership in the race to rival President Donald Trump in the general election..

Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to be desperate for a second place after poor selection in Iowa and New Hampshire..

Sanders’ triumph on Saturday in the first racially diverse state in the current campaign suggests that his intransigent stance on social and economic justice, including the promise of universal access to free health care, is building a broad coalition of democratic voters..

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Multi-ethnic support led Bernie Sanders to victory in the Democratic caucus in Nevada



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Biden and other moderate candidates consider Sanders too liberal to defeat Trump. They tried to stop the Senator from Vermont’s advance, but the results of the Nevada vote complicated their efforts..

“We have assembled a multi-generational and multi-racial coalition that will win not only in Nevada, but throughout the country,” Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist, told his supporters in San Antonio, Texas..

After that, he turned his attention to Trump..

“We will win all over the country because Americans are tired of a president who is constantly lying,” he said..

As of Sunday morning, after receiving results from 50 percent of sites, Sanders receives 47 percent of delegates to the Nevada county convention..

Biden lags far behind him, gaining 19 percent. In third place is the former mayor of South Bend in Indiana Pete Buttigiech with 15 percent.

“The press is ready to hastily declare people dead, but we are alive, we are returning, and we will win,” Biden told his supporters in Las Vegas on Saturday evening..

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who had hoped to make a head start after failing results in Iowa and New Hampshire, came in fourth in Nevada with 10 percent..

Senator Amy Klobuchar and billionaire activist Tom Steyer received 5 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

Buttigieg warned Democrats against nominating Sanders as a party candidate, calling him a doctrinaire who would split the country and lose to Trump.

“We can prioritize ideological purity or inclusive victory. We can call people on the Internet or call them into our movement. We can seal a narrow, implacable base or open the door for a new, broad, generous American coalition, ”Buttigieg told his supporters in Las Vegas..

The selection process for candidates is gradually becoming wider. The next primaries will be held next Saturday in South Carolina, and shortly after that, March 3, comes “Super Tuesday”, when the vote will take place in 14 states at once. According to its results, the composition of more than a third of the delegates to the party congress will be determined, who will choose an official candidate from the Democratic Party..

On Super Tuesday, voters will be able to assess for the first time the candidacy of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who did not participate in the primaries and caucus in the first four states, but is strengthening his position in the polls.

Trump appears to be pleased with the progress of the Democratic campaign.

“It looks like crazy Bernie is doing well in the wonderful state of Nevada. Biden and the others look weak, and the Mini-Mike is out of the question, “wrote Trump, who calls Bloomberg’s” Mini-Mike “.

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Sanders wins the caucus in Nevada

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