Prokhorov: these elections were dishonest from the very beginning

Guess Who Won Russia’s Presidential Election

Prokhorov: these elections were dishonest from the very beginning

Prokhorov: these elections were dishonest from the very beginning

The Russian politician will start creating a new political party in March

Prokhorov: these elections were dishonest from the very beginning
Prokhorov: these elections were dishonest from the very beginning

In the press center and at the headquarters of the Russian presidential candidate, self-nominated businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, soon after the closing of polling stations and the end of voting, high spirits reigned – as if this newcomer in the presidential race had won the current election.

“The results of these elections can indeed be viewed by Prokhorov as a victory,” Federation Council member Alexander Pochinok said in a comment to the Voice of America Russian service. “For many years, the leaders of the right-wing forces have not received so many votes.”.

One of the representatives of the Prokhorov headquarters, a well-known Russian journalist and producer Alexander Lyubimov, also optimistically assessed the results of the elections..

“In fact, we started from scratch and only on January 14,” Lyubimov said, speaking to reporters. “In such a short period of time, it is very difficult to conduct a large political campaign, it is difficult to convince people, especially since people always vote very conservatively in the presidential elections.”.

Lyubimov also drew attention to the fact that, according to the first estimates, it was the self-nominated candidate Prokhorov who took second place, losing only to Putin in the elections in Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other large cities..

At the same time, according to Alexander Lyubimov, the current elections were held not only with a large number of video cameras at the polling stations, but also with a great deficit of real political competition, when the leader of the ruling party did not even consider it possible to personally participate in televised debates on live television in front of millions of Russian voters..

In a comment to the Russian service of the Voice of America, the famous Russian political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky said that the voting results for Mikhail Prokhorov look very encouraging and allow him to continue to make “political plans.” At the same time, answering the question of whether Prokhorov will share the fate of Khodorkovsky if he continues to engage in big politics, the analyst said: “I would not categorically state anything here. We live in Russia … ”

According to Pavlovsky, Prokhorov’s main rival, the current prime minister, Vladimir Putin, “sagged a lot” in the current elections and, in fact, “did not win in the cities.”.

“In Moscow, he barely exceeded 40 percent, so he lost Moscow, while Prokhorov showed good results here,” the analyst said..

The prima donna of the Russian stage, Alla Pugacheva, a confidant of Mikhail Prokhorov, admitted to reporters that it is difficult for her to estimate how many percent her personal participation in the election campaign added to this candidate. “.

“One thing I can say, I tried with all my heart to help Mikhail, – said the singer. – And the main thing for me is to see that now our people are not silent, that they are beginning to understand and make their own choices. And, in my opinion, that trampling on the stage, that trampling on the political stage, does not lead to anything good. Only to stagnation “.

Closer to midnight, after participating in the broadcast, the presidential candidate Prokhorov himself arrived at the press center and spoke about his vision of the first results of the presidential campaign in Russia and about the need to “clearly separate” the notions of honesty and legitimacy of elections.

“As for honesty,” he said, “they (the elections) were dishonest from the very beginning, because they did not give equal conditions to the candidates … our headquarters is up and running. Based on the results of this analysis, I will give my assessment of these elections “.

Returning to the topic of the last Duma elections, which some Russians consider unfair, Prokhorov said that first it was necessary to pass a “package of political laws” through the current parliament and only then talk about holding new elections. Otherwise, he believes, the new elections will only repeat the mistakes of the old.

Prokhorov also added that, despite his tight work schedule on Monday, associated with the assessment of the activities of observers, he will try to take part in the opposition rally scheduled for March 5.

According to the politician, he is “a little surprised” by the rally, which at that moment (in the evening of March 4 – V.M.’s note) was held in support of Vladimir Putin at the walls of the Kremlin.

“It seems that we have a civil war, or something, is happening here,” said Mikhail Prokhorov. – Well, the elections were held, the results are still unknown … Regardless of political views, we live in the same country. We should all be able to negotiate with each other. And it seems to me that this rally is, to put it mildly, a little redundant “.

Answering the question of the Russian service of the Voice of America about plans to create a new political party and the fate of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Prokhorov noted that the organizing committee will be assembled “in the 20th of March”, and then all the details will be known. The work will be carried out “according to the new system”, and this will require “a little more time” than when creating a “traditional party”.

“As for the position on Mikhail Khodorkovsky,” the presidential candidate stressed, “my position has not changed. I believe that the second case was purely political and he should be released. “.

Prokhorov also made a forecast that according to the updated data on Monday, his election result could grow to 10-11%.

“Regardless of our political views, we live in one country. We must all be able to negotiate with each other, “Mikhail Prokhorov said..

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