During the Partisan March hundreds of demonstrators detained in Minsk

Belarus police detain hundreds of protesters in Minsk as crowds swell

During the Partisan March hundreds of demonstrators detained in Minsk

During "Partisan march" hundreds of demonstrators detained in Minsk

Despite the incessant protests in Belarus, the Lukashenka regime continues to rely on the use of force to suppress the opposition

During the Partisan March hundreds of demonstrators detained in Minsk

Sunday turned into new mass arrests in Minsk "Partisan march" protest held in solidarity with striking workers.

Special forces, internal troops and militia occupied the city center a few hours before the start of the demonstrations. Metro stations in the center of the capital were closed, and mobile Internet was limited, as the authorities said, for "ensuring national security". Water cannons, paddy wagons, barbed wire around important state facilities – such measures are taken in Minsk every Sunday..

Groups of security officials drove through the streets in cars, detaining the demonstrators heading for the center of Minsk. At the beginning of Partizansky Avenue, as reported "Interfax", the way to the participants of the march was blocked by police cordons. In addition to the police, according to the Tut.By edition, arrests were made by persons without identification marks, wearing masks and batons. According to true estimates, up to 30 thousand people took part in the march. Human rights movement "Vyasna" reports that 194 demonstrators were detained.

Thousands of demonstrations and rallies in various cities of Belarus have been held since mid-August in protest against the falsification of the voting results by the authorities in the presidential elections on August 9. Fabricated election results were rejected by a significant part of the Belarusian society and the states of the European Union and the United States.

The main political rival of Alexander Lukashenko in the last elections, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, was forced to leave Belarus and temporarily settle in Lithuania.

Tikhanovskaya and her supporters in recent days have increased pressure on Lukashenko, seeking him to relinquish power by October 25. Otherwise, the Belarusian opposition says, a nationwide strike will be declared..

On Saturday, October 17, dozens of women marched through the streets of Minsk demanding change. According to a human rights organization "Vyasna", more than 30 protesters were detained by the police.

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