Biden gets the number of electoral votes needed to win

Joe Biden Voices Optimism As He Inches closer To 270 Electoral Votes | TODAY

Biden gets the number of electoral votes needed to win

Biden gets the number of electoral votes needed to win

This allows Democrat Biden to become the 46th President of the United States.

Major American TV channels and the Associated Press agency announced the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the US presidential election on Saturday morning.

According to Edison Research, Biden gained 273 electoral votes after his victory in Pennsylvania, which now has even more than 270 votes to win an election..

Biden gets the number of electoral votes needed to win

Biden’s previously predicted victory came after four days of agonizing wait for the results of Tuesday’s election, as the counting of votes in several states continued for several days due to the flow of ballots sent in by mail..

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Joe Biden soon commented on reports of his election victory, calling himself President-elect in a statement. He said that the confidence the Americans have placed in him and in Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is a great honor for him..

Biden gets the number of electoral votes needed to win

“In the face of unprecedented obstacles, a record number of Americans took part in the elections. It proves once again that democracy is deeply embedded in the heart of America. After the end of the election campaign, it is time to leave the anger and harsh rhetoric behind and unite as a nation, “Biden said, urging all residents of the country to unite, as” we can not do anything if we do not do it all together. “.

The incumbent President Donald Trump also issued a statement saying that his headquarters will begin challenging the election results in court early next week. According to Trump, “this election is far from over.”.

“We all know why Joe Biden is in such a hurry to impersonate the winner and why his allies in the media are trying so hard to help him: they do not want the whole truth to be revealed,” Trump said in a statement. still far from completion “.

Biden gets the number of electoral votes needed to win

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump left the White House and is now at a golf club he owns in northern Virginia. Trump emerged from the White House wearing a windbreaker, white hat and golf shoes, The Associated Press reported. He’s attending a golf club in Virginia for the first time since late September..

Around noon, elections were also summed up in Nevada, where Joe Biden won, adding six more votes for a total of 290 Fox News electoral votes. At the same time, the gap between the two candidates in Nevada turned out to be small – 49.9% of voters voted for Biden, 47.9% for Trump. In 2016, Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in Nevada by a slight margin. The last time a Republican candidate won an election in that state in 2004 was George W. Bush..

First comments

Kamala Harris commented on the Pennsylvania vote and the Democratic electoral victory on Twitter, saying the election results speak “of the soul of America and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead “.

House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi said Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump was the “mandate to act” given to the Democrats by the American people. Pelosi says “a new day of hope has begun for America today.”.

The Democratic leader in Congress called Biden’s victory “historic.” President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will have strong Democratic majority support in the House of Representatives, she said..

Chuck sumer’s statement

One of the first to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory in the presidential election was the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. He said in a statement that “we can now say that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States and Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States. President-elect Biden will be an excellent president for all Americans, and the Democrats in the Senate will do everything in our power to help him provide all the help the American people need. “.

According to Sumer, the Democrats will do everything to get a majority in the Senate and thereby help Biden in the implementation of his election program. At the moment, according to Fox News, there is a parity in the Senate – 48 seats are occupied by both Democrats and Republicans. However, the results of several Senate races in several states have not yet been summed up. In addition, Democrats will lose one senator – Kamala Harris, elected to the Senate from California, will leave the upper house of Congress to become the first woman in the history of the country to be elected to the post of Vice President of the United States..

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